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American Dreamspace - Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows Quick Guide

Double Hung Windows
  • Double hung replacement windows feature movable sashes.
  • Sashes tilt inward for easy cleaning.
Double Hung windows
Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • On slider windows, the sashes glide horizontally.
  • Sliding windows are available in 2 or 3-lite configurations.
  • 3-lite horizontal sliding windows having operable end vents
Horizontal sliding windows
Bow Windows
  • Bow replacement windows consist of 3, 4 or 5 windows in a single frame.
  • All of the windows are equal size and provide a circular arch appearance.
Bow windows
Garden Windows
  • Garden vinyl windows provide a sunlit spot for plants and flowers.
  • Usually installed above kitchen sinks or in dining rooms.
Garden windows
Casement Windows
  • Casement replacement windows are hinged on the left or right.
  • Sashes crank outward to a full 90-degree swing.
Casement windows
Basement Windows
  • Basement replacement windows, also called Hopper windows, open inward from the top.
  • Typically installed in basement applications.
Basement windows
Awning Windows
  • Awning windows are hinged at the top.
  • Crank from the bottom of the sash to open outward.
Awning windows
Picture Windows
  • Vinyl Picture windows, also called deadlites, have fixed sashes that do not open or close.
Picture windows
Bay Windows
  • Bay vinyl replacement windows consist of three windows in a single frame.
  • The center lite is always twice as wide as the sidelites.
  • May consist of two operable casements or double hung windows.
Bay windows

Top Features to Look For When Replacing Windows

American Dreamspace With today's high-performance window technology, you can have a proven solution to resist the sun's heat in the summer, and welcome it in the winter! There are energy-efficient windows on the market that are engineered to accommodate almost any budget, while providing the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making them well suited for virtually any climate. These high-performance

windows are 'Green' because they use technology that helps lower your energy use. Lowering your energy use reduces air pollution, such as CO2, that is emitted from power plants, thereby making a greener environment for everyone.

'Green' Frame Materials
Cross section of a double hung vinyl replacement windows PVC (vinyl) frame materials can be considered 'green' because they are recyclable and have a sustainable lifespan, keeping them out of landfills. Today's vinyl production is not petroleum-based. PVC production does not require burning or generate harmful gases. Once they are installed in your home, vinyl windows are environmentally friendly due to their maintenance-free composition; they never require painting, sanding or refinishing.
Look for vinyl windows that are custom-made to fit the exact openings in your home, and ones that employ fusion-welded construction. Fusion welding prevents air leakage, water infiltration, and energy loss that are common with other frame materials on the market that are mechanically (screwed) or chemically (glued) fastened. Fusion welding also provides the best structural integrity.

Low-E Coatings
Peak Performance Glass

When replacing windows, look for double pane or triple pane windows. Just upgrading your single pane windows to double pane can improve the R-value, or insulating value by 200%. But, the greatest thermal improvement comes with the addition of low-emissivity coatings, insulating gases, and warm-edge technology.

SafeHarbor Vinyl Impact Windows and Patio Doors


Click here to visit the SafeHarbor Impact Window and Hurricane Window website.

SafeHarborSafeHarbor®Vinyl Impact windows and sliding glass doors are engineered to protect you and your home against dangerous weather, including hurricane force winds. Reducing the possibility of flying debris penetrating the window results in a lessened possibility of structural and water damage or even total destruction.

SafeHarbor window and patio door products are designed to look like traditional windows and doors, but they are constructed of impact-resistant safety glass embedded in heavy duty, reinforced frames.

The Design Pressure ratings of SafeHarbor impact windows and patio doors meet coastal wind and hurricane debris code requirements.

SafeHarbor vinyl impact windows and hurricane windows and sliding glass doors provide an added measure of safety to help protect your home.

SafeHarbor Impact Resistant Windows or plywood? You decide. SafeHarbor Impact Resistant Windows or plywood? You decide.

Watch our testing video to see how SafeHarbor® Impact Windows perform vs. plywood panels.

Impact-Resistant Glass Construction

SafeHarbor Impact Windows windows and patio doors feature laminated safety glass combined with a thermally-efficient insulating glass system.

The exterior lite consists of a single glass pane. The interior lite is constructed of two glass panes laminated with an interlayer membrane that becomes transparent during the laminating process and forms a protective panel.

This unique Laminated Glass System combined with a second insulating lite creates an impact-resistant barrier while delivering outstanding thermal efficiency. Protect your loved ones and your home with our SafeHarbor® Vinyl Impact Windows and Hurricane windows and patio doors!

EnergyStar We offer a variety of high-performance, insulating glass systems that help qualify our products for the ENERGY STAR label.